While the  rest of the web makes empty promises, saying they’ll tell you how to make your own PVA’s, but they never tell you the truth, and they always try to sell you some sort of trash. Well, today  I’m going to tell you the pure, unedited truth, because I have grown to despise websites that lie about their prices, their motives, and the quality of their merchandise/services.

Google is the ‘hooker-for-hire’ of the internet, so she might not even rank this post, out of loyalty to the idiots who still rip off craigslist posters with overpriced, poorly made PVA’s.  Ever notice how, when you’re looking for a missing driver online, how there’s 50 sites that swear their drivers are free, but as soon as you fill out your personal data, they got their grubby paws out, begging for money? Well, this article exposing PVA’s is a tribute to those retarded clowns, who think they can trick us into buying their junk.

First off, there are many ways to make PVA’s, but there’s only one RIGHT way, one BEST way, and that is my way. I’ve heard of payphone games, call forwarding nonsense, even tampering with the settings INSIDE of the craigslist account area (Wow, you gotta have some big brass to do that, to risk your banishment from CL). but this is the way I make 2 new accounts every day, I could make much more, but I simply don’t need them.

What is the precious secret, that these PVA bottom-feeders wish I wasn’t giving away right now?

Did you know the cheapest cell phone on Earth is the Virgin Mobile? I get mine at 7-11, a store famous for price gouging, and I pay just $10. That’s right, ten bucks for a real cell phone, albeit super-tiny and toy-like.

Next, you need to put some minutes on the phone…I usually put $20, but you can put however little you want, I just don’t want to hassle with the thing for a long time. (I never answer that phone, I leave it permanently off, I only turn it on to verify a new CL account, then it goes off again. )

Ok, so you’ve got your phone for $10, and some minutes, maybe ten to twenty bucks’ worth. Ready for the hard part?

Virgin mobile lets you change your phone number, using their website, for FREE, as many times as you want, just not sooner than 24 hours since the last change. So, it takes me about 5 minutes to change both my phones’ numbers, then I use the new numbers to open new accounts with craigslist, and pop a couple more ads up.

This sounds too easy, huh? It is really easy, and now you don’t ever have to pay for PVA’s again.

Still, if you’re just too busy or lazy to do it yourself, I’ll sell you some of my PVA’s, and I guarantee they will work for at least a week.

Ok, show your gratitude, if this tip has saved you any time or money, and remember, you can share your money or time-saving tips with us, just send me a comment, and I’ll forward your message as a new post.

Until Next Time,